God’s Sovereignty: Isaiah

  isaiah 41

Throughout chapters 40-48 of Isaiah there are several examples found of God’s sovereignty.

In 40:1-2 we see that the people are able to find comfort in God’s sovereignty. Although Judah would still endure years of trouble before the fall of Jerusalem and their exile, they were still able to find peace in knowing that one day they would be delivered.

God is also described as being so sovereign that no other nation can compare to him. The scripture says that, “…the nations are like a drop in a bucket…dust on the scales…” (Isa.40:15), “before Him all the nations are as nothing…” (Isa. 40:17). God is sovereign over all nations and all people.This is continuously mentioned throughout the book of Isaiah in 41:4, where God speaks of actively and personally working in the lives of people from the beginning, in 41:11, where he addresses his all mighty power and his ability to overthrow all those who stand against him and his people because no creation is above him. He is superior to all things and all men.

God’s sovereignty is also compared to that of idols in Isaiah 41:21-24 and 48:1-5. The people of Israel had put their faith in idols to provide for them and to answer their prayers. However, these idols did not deliver because in truth, they had no power at all. They could not tell of the former things because they knew of no such thing only God has such power and only he can reveal things that are yet to come. God proves his sovereignty to the people by telling Judah of things that were to come and causing them to happen so that they could not say that it was their false gods that did so (Isa. 48:1-5).

God has a plan and his purpose will always stand (Is. 46:8-13). He even has the power to anoint those who don’t appear to be worthy to others. God anoints who he chooses in order to carry out his tasks. A prime example of this is his raising up of Cyrus. God had a task for Cyrus to carry out for his people, Israel. In this example we see that God had a plan, he spoke that it would happen and it did.

From the themes presented to us throughout Isaiah 40-48, we can know that God is in control of everything in our lives big or small because he created us and he knows all things. Just as he has reigned over our past, he will continue to reign in our future. So when we are concerned about things to come we can find comfort in talking to him. The people of Judah put their trust in other gods but one must remember that anything other than the living God cannot unfailingly provide for us what we are looking for. Only God can deliver, he is the only trustworthy God.

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