IS HARRY POTTER (the series) EVIL?

We all know that in Christianity, witchcraft is not acceptable. Anyone who argues that probably needs to re-read their bible OR step back into a true bible believing church at the very least. Someone who claims to be a Christian certainly would not be dabbling in such things but where exactly do we draw the line?

Ever since Harry Potter was released in book form, Christians have been protesting it. I had a friend at church when I was younger who refused to watch Harry Potter because she was taught that it was evil. I however, am a huge fan of all things Harry Potter. This left me to question myself. By supporting this series, am I supporting something that God does not approve of? You probably won’t get a clear answer from me in this post. Rather, I’m going to give you my point of view and from there you can decide whether you agree with me or not.


I must admit, when I was younger I was afraid to watch any Harry Potter movie when it came on television and when I did watch one; I remember having a nightmare that same night. Although, I don’t think it was necessarily the movie that scared me but the fact that I was just a very scared child (I didn’t stop being afraid of the dark until I was about 14 years old). However, I grew to become a huge fan of the Harry Potter series (a HUGE fan) but for me, what sparked my interest weren’t the wands or the spell casting. The characters, their personalities and what they went through is what grabbed my interest. I never thought about it as relating to the occult because that was never on my mind.

Parents and Harry Potter

Being the type of child that I was, I don’t think that watching the series or reading the books would have ever led me down the wrong path. My parents never told me that I shouldn’t watch Harry Potter. I just started watching the movies one day and became a fan. Now, I am not a parent but I can assume that a parent has a huge impact on the way their child sees the world and how they react to certain things. As a parent one would or at least should know what will or won’t have a negative effect on their child’s mind. When it comes to movies like H.P., I think parents should keep a few things in mind:

  1. Make sure the child is old enough to watch the film and understand important storylines so that the main focus isn’t on the spells
  2. Does your child tend to copy what they see? (if so, maybe wait until they are a bit older and their brain is more mature)

The overall point here is to make sure your child is mature enough to handle watching this movie.

If Harry Potter is evil then what about the music we listen to, the shows, the movies, etc.?

Let me be clear here, I’m not saying that watching Harry Potter is or is not wrong. I think that it is something that we each have to decide for ourselves and for our children. However, to aid in our decision making, I think it would be helpful to consider what else we do on a daily basis. Before I go any further I want to note that not all Christians do the following things. Obviously everyone is different in how they approach their walk with the Lord and their beliefs in how they should handle the things of the world. If it isn’t okay to watch H.P, then why should it be considered okay to watch other movies and shows that may have cursing in it or some sexually explicit scenes or language. Why then, is it okay to listen to music that has nothing to do with God?

Here is my answer:

I think the reasoning that Christians would give for this is that even though the movie may have some cursing or some sexual connotations, the storyline in and of itself is a good one. When it comes to music we may say, “Well, it’s a good song and it isn’t promoting anything that God is against.” Others may also say, “I just listen to it for the beat.” (Though there is so much that can be said about the music aspect, I won’t go into detail as I will probably make a separate post about that). The point is, though on the surface you will find a different problem within each of the mentioned categories, the underlying problems are very similar. The problems that we find in each of these categories are that there are things within music, books, and movies that do not glorify God and yet, we still partake in them. Of course we could just sell our TV sets and not listen to music anymore (some have done that) but that isn’t exactly a realistic option in this day and time.

So, is Harry Potter evil?

It’s hard to say. If I were to say that H.P is evil then I’d have to call a lot of other things evil as well. Then again, anything that is of this world is considered as such isn’t it?

My last point

As Christians we are in this world but not OF this world. The things and the people around us are of this world and unfortunately, they are unavoidable. I think the best we can do is ask the LORD for wisdom, conviction and discernment concerning these things and allow him to guide us. What I’m trying to say is this, if watching Harry Potter doesn’t convict you and it won’t do harm to your spirit, then feel free to watch it. However, if the spirit convicts you of watching it or showing it to your children, then by all means, pass on it.

Thank you for reading my post. Do you agree or disagree? Is there something that I mentioned that you want to talk about? Leave a comment! I want to interact with you.

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