The Fruit of Our Faithfulness (to God) Does Not Belong to Us

I think a lot of Christians expect their faithfulness to the Lord to automatically bare fruit. We expect to see the fruits of our labor. Which is fair, but it doesn’t always happen. We cannot get so caught up in baring fruit that, that becomes our sole reason for being faithful to God. I would even go as far as saying that, if we only “faithful” to God for that purpose, then we are not truly faithful at all. Our love for God is what causes us to be faithful to him and if we are only using him for selfish purposes (such as “baring fruit” so that thousands can come to your church and your name be known), then we don’t really love him and therefore, cannot be truly faithful to him.

Many Christians tend to confuse not seeing any fruit with not baring any fruit. This is simply not true. Just because we don’t see the effect(s) that we’ve had (because of God working through us due to our faithfulness), does not mean that we did not have an effect. An example from the Bible is the prophet, Jeremiah. Jeremiah did not see the fruits of his faithfulness but it was his faithfulness in delivering God’s word that helped to eventually lead the Israelite nation back to God (even though he was not around to see it). This could actually be the case for many of the old Testament prophets who told the people to turn back to God but we’re ignored. (To understand more clearly you can review Jeremiah, Lamentations and Haggai or my last post on Faithfulness vs. Fruitfulness).

Yes, I do believe that our faithfulness to God will always bare fruit but do we always see it? No. May it take some time if we do see it? Yes. May it come quickly at times? Yes. However, when this was laid on my heart and I began writing this, there was a main point that I wanted to get to. That main point is this: the fruit that we bare, whether we see it or we don’t, whether it comes quickly or not, is not solely for us at all. The fruit that we bare is for the Lord’s kingdom. God uses us as his faithful servants to reach a lost and dying world and to enhance his kingdom. So if we don’t always see the fruit, that shouldn’t discourage us in our faithfulness to God. It is not us who produces the fruit, the Lord does that. It is up to us to remain faithful and through our faithfulness, God will work though us to produce the fruit that will save his people and better his kingdom.

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