FALL IS HERE: One Black and White Skirt, 3 Looks

At times it can be difficult to find something to where that is both modest and stylish especially in the autumn months. We’re at a time where the weather is getting cooler but not cool enough to wear a long down coat that covers up our less than stylish sweaters.

In this fall look book series I will show you how I will be dressing modestly (and stylishly) during the next few weeks starting with cool church/Sunday outfits.

A black and white, striped, pleated, flare skirt is a great way to step out of your house in style on a Sunday morning. There are some pretty nice colors that can go with this skirt but let’s start off with a light brownish gold. Obviously long sleeves are a must (especially when you live in New York).

I pulled my hair back in this photo, but really, when it comes to hair, it yours so I say, do what you want with it. While you’re at it, why don’t you add a few accessories into the mix? I chose a bold statement pink and white necklace with matching earrings.

Also, skin tone stockings always work best but if you don’t have those, I think a tan or black pair will suffice. Oh! And don’t forget a nice pair of brown heels!

Next, I paired my iconic black and white skirt with a dark blue, jeans, button down top. I find these kind of tops to be a very useful piece of clothing because they can be worn with almost any skirt or pants. Also, the dark blue definitely stands out. I decided to add a dark blue headband to match and a long gold necklace to accent the outfit. Due to all of the extra up top, I chose to go all neutral on the bottom with black stockings and a black heel but an accent heel wouldn’t hurt anybody!

There goes that blue again! But this time it’s more of a navy blue. I love the silver button design on the sides and the way the jacket flares out at the bottom almost in perfect alignment with my skirt. I passed on the accessories with this outfit and went with a plain white t-shirt to make the jacket stand out more. I also chose a skin toned pair of brown flats (not pictured). I truly love the simplicity of this outfit.

Do you like these looks? Which one is your favorite? Share and give this post a like!

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